All About the GSA Information Technology Category going into FY 2022

All About the GSA Information Technology Category

About the IT Category of MAS

Our world cannot function without IT, which facilitates everything from education and healthcare to  business and infrastructure. The U.S. Government procures the best IT products and services on the market through the GSA MAS Program IT Schedule. Formerly known as IT Schedule 70 (or just Schedule 70), this is one of the 12 Large Categories under the GSA Schedules Program.

Check if you Qualify to be a GSA Contractor

With billions of federal dollars to spend, the U.S. Government can access a whole world of IT-related products and services, listed under seven subcategories:

  1. Electronic Commerce
  2. IT Hardware
  3. IT Services
  4. IT Software
  5. IT Solutions
  6. IT Training 
  7. Telecommunications

Why get a GSA Schedule 70 Contract?

If you’re deciding whether to get a GSA Schedule, particularly a GSA Schedule 70 Contract, the numbers say it all. The IT Large Category takes first place in GSA contract sales. In the fiscal year 2021, IT Schedule GSA contractors reported more than $20 billion in sales, with the majority of it in IT Services and IT Hardware. This figure is certain to rise for Schedule 70 in FY 2022. What’s more, just 5,700 companies hold a government IT contract, which averages out as more than $3.5 million each in sales! These opportunities aren’t just for large contractors; one-third of sales were earned by small businesses.

Top Schedule 70 SINs

As we mentioned, the best-selling information technology subcategories are IT Services and IT Hardware. We’re going to look at some of the Special Item Numbers (SINs) under these subcategories in more detail.

 54151S: Professional IT Services

Professional IT Services SIN 54151S falls under the IT Services subcategory, and was previously known as SIN 132-51. It includes services such as:

  • Cognitive computing
  • Data and records management 
  • IT systems analysis
  • Database planning and design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IT project management
  • Migration services
  • Programming 

Government customers who purchase IT services are guaranteed pre-vetted and experienced service providers who facilitate cutting-edge technologies and solutions. If this sounds like you, consider getting on the GSA Schedule today.

33411 & 33411REF: IT Hardware

Federal buyers can purchase new electronic equipment under SIN 33411. Previously, they could also purchase refurbished equipment under SIN 33411REF, although this number has now been retired. A huge variety of hardware is available under this SIN, including: 

  • Desktops, laptops, and tablets
  • Servers
  • Supercomputers
  • Routers 
  • IT security equipment
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Public address systems
  • Monitors and displays
  • Printers
  • Microwave radio equipment
  • Satellite communications equipment
  • Radio transmitters and receivers
  • Radio navigation equipment and antennas
  • Optical/imaging systems

511210 & 54151: Software and Maintenance

IT Software products and services are available under the Software Licences SIN 511210 and Software Maintenance Services SIN 54151. 

  • SIN 511210 covers commercial software and software maintenance products. This includes both term licences (available for a certain amount of time) and perpetual licences (owned in perpetuity). The maintenance products available through this SIN include any sort of bug/defect fixes, and updates or upgrades necessary to maintain functionality, as well as no-charge support items like discussion forums and user blogs, basic telephone support, FAQs, online help libraries, and email/web-based general technical support for user self-diagnostics.
  • Creation, design, implementation, and integration of software is carried out under SIN 54151, and is not included in the price of the software. This includes more in-depth support services which are charged commercially, like person-to-person communications, telephone support, online technical support, customized support, and technical expertise.

Schedule 70 software SINs are OMB-designated ‘Best-in-Class’, and allow the U.S. Government to benefit from advanced and emerging companies and technology. If this sounds like your company’s area of expertise, then keep reading.

All other SIN categories

CYBER SINs (54151HACS) / Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)

54151HACS is another Schedule 70 SIN, which provides crucial proactive and reactive cybersecurity services for our government. HACS GSA vendors test high-priority IT systems, rapidly fix potential vulnerabilities, and halt intruders before they can sabotage government networks. Assessment services needed for High Value Asset (HVA) systems are also within the scope of this SIN.

There are five subcategories under the HACS SIN:

  1. High Value Asset Assessment 
  2. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 
  3. Cyber Hunt
  4. Incident Response
  5. Penetration Testing

To be listed under these subcategories, GSA contractors must pass a specific technical evaluation, so that customers can be certain that their cybersecurity is in safe hands.

Specialty Services SINs

GSA contractors can provide specialty service SINs:

  • Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services (SIN 518210C)
  • Health IT Services (SIN 54151HEAL)
  • Training Courses (SIN 611420)
  • Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services (SIN 54151ECOM)
  • Wireless Mobility Solutions (SIN 517312)
  • Earth Observation Solutions (SIN 541370GEO)
  • Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Tools (SIN 541519CDM)
  • Commercial Satellite Communications COMSATCOM Transponded Capacity (SIN 517410)

Disaster Recovery Program

The GSA’s Disaster Recovery Program supports the U.S. Government in times of emergency. Federal, state, and local agencies, and educational institutions can access disaster relief through GSA Advantage!, eBuy, and GSA Reverse Auctions. Federal, military, and civilian buyers can purchase supplies from GSA Global Supply. The Schedule products and services typically purchased for disasters include cleaning equipment, medical supplies, generators, construction services, trash removal, and emergency training, but IT Schedule contractors can also opt into the Disaster Recovery Program. 

How to Get a GSA Schedule 70 Contract

Being a successful IT contractor involves many steps: preparing extensive documents to apply, staying compliant with GSA’s post-award regulations, and maximizing business opportunities. If you’re interested in getting a GSA IT Schedule or need some advice on your existing contract, get in touch with Price Reporter today.

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  • Obtaining a GSA Schedule 70 contract is a complicated procedure. Each level necessitates skill and careful consideration in order to give your company the finest terms, conditions, and discount structure.

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