All about the GSA IT Schedule

Buying IT from GSA's Multiple Award Schedule is easy, because the work is done for you.

What is the GSA IT Schedule?

As we all became acutely aware over the past two years, IT rules our world. Without it, our children cannot learn, businesses cannot operate, and governments cannot function. To procure optimum Information Technology products and services for the U.S. Government, from the best vendors and at most optimal prices, the GSA developed category F Information Technology Schedule. It is one of the twelve GSA MAS Large Categories of products and services and was known as IT Schedule 70 or IT70, prior to GSA consolidation. IT Schedule is the contact point between government agencies and commercial IT businesses, and the channel through which billions of dollars in federal spending flow.

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What can you sell under Category F | Information Technology?

The Information Technology Category includes the whole spectrum of technology solutions for the government, covering everything from cybersecurity and healthcare tech to cloud software and satellite communications. There are seven subcategories within the Large Category:

  1. Electronic Commerce
  2. IT Hardware
  3. IT Services
  4. IT Software
  5. IT Solutions
  6. IT Training
  7. Telecommunications

No matter what kind of technology products or services your company provides, there’s a place for it in the GSA IT Schedule.

Some statistics about the MAS IT Category

  • More than 7.5 million innovative IT products and services are available under the GSA MAS Information Technology Schedule.
  • Nearly 6,000 vendors are GSA IT Schedule contractors.
  • The IT Large Category ranks first in GSA contract sales. Vendors reported nearly $18 billion in sales in the fiscal year 2020.
  • One-third of sales in the IT Category were generated by small businesses.
  • The highest-earning IT subcategory is IT Services, followed by IT Hardware.

How to get a GSA Schedule for IT Products

There are four stages involved in the GSA IT Contract application and the entire process can take up to twelve months.

  1. Preparing your offer:

First, you must complete free training programs to help you understand the GSA MAS Program, and register your company on DUNS and SAM. Next, for your IT Schedule application, you must prepare a document package consisting of roughly 50 sections, including past performance reports, financial statements, price list and pricing support, technical proposals, compliance reports and more. These documents are uploaded to the GSA eOffer system, must be in proper correct format and adhere to strict requirements, like character count.

  • GSA review and clarifications:

Once your application is submitted, a GSA contracting representative is assigned to review it. You will be contacted, in case you need to clarify information, correct errors, or provide extra documents.

  • Price and T&Cs negotiation:

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, a GSA procurement officer will negotiate your contract’s terms and conditions, prices, and discounts. This is a crucial step that establishes you as a competitive vendor, without cutting your profits. When negotiations are complete, your GSA IT Contract is awarded.

  • Post-award:

Now, the real work begins. Vendors can make use of tools like GSA Advantage!, GSA eLibrary, and GSA eBuy to research their competitors, market themselves and advertise their catalog, respond to solicitations, and find government clients. Investing your time in proposal writing, business development, and preparing a marketing plan for your GSA products and services will give you the best chance of success in the post-award stage.

Special programs for IT Schedule contractors

Typically, contractors must have been in business for at least 2 years to be eligible for a GSA Schedule. With so much innovation in the IT industry, the government risks missing out on the latest solutions developed by new companies. So, GSA developed the Startup Springboard program which allows IT companies with less than 2 years’ experience to get onto the IT Schedule. 2 years’ corporate experience can be substituted with executives’ or key professionals’ experience. Documents demonstrating your company’s financial responsibility can be used instead of 2 years of financial statements.

How can Price Reporter help with your GSA Schedule?

Success in the GSA IT Schedule is not all about business and sales. The application process is complex, everything must be done according to GSA’s strict requirements, and one mistake could cause your carefully crafted proposal to be rejected. After the GSA IT contract is awarded, you must stay compliant with GSA’s detailed and numerous compliance regulations and know where to find opportunities among serious competition. All of this can be especially tricky for government contracting newcomers. Price Reporter’s expert consultants are here to guide you through every stage of your GSA IT contract, and help you make the most of this fantastic opportunity. Contact us today to learn more.

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