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What is GSA Schedule 84 | Security & Protection Schedule?

Keeping the country safe involves a whole network of organizations and supplies; from law enforcement and the military, to firefighting equipment and flood control. All kinds of security-related products and services are available under the Security & Protection Schedule GSA contract. This is one of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Large Categories and was previously known as the GSA Schedule 84 contract. By becoming one of the GSA Security & Protection contractors, you are helping to supply our country’s first line of defense.

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What is GSA in security?

Through the GSA Security and Protection contract, approved vendors can sell a wide variety of security services and supplies to the U.S. Government. The Schedule includes 6 subcategories:

  • Marine and Harbor
  • Protective Equipment
  • Security Animals and Related Services
  • Security Services
  • Security Systems
  • Testing Equipment

Winning a GSA Security & Protection contract can offer lucrative business potential for your company. You will join an exclusive list of less than 1,000 other vendors, who had earned more than $1.26 billion in GSA Security & Protection Sales in the fiscal year 2021.

So, how can you become a GSA Security & Protection Schedule holder?

How to get on the GSA Security & Protection Schedule

Acquiring a Schedule 84 GSA contract and succeeding in the government marketplace is no easy task. The government needs top-quality products and services from the best vendors in the business, so competition is fierce and the application process is stringent. It involves four main stages:

  1. Preparing your application:

First, potential GSA Schedule 84 contractors must carry out preliminary training for the GSA MAS Program, obtain a DUNS number, and register their business on Then, it’s time to start preparing your application. This includes a package consisting of 30 documents, such as past performance reports, two years of financial statements, price list and narrative, and technical proposals, which you upload to the GSA eOffer system.

  • GSA review and clarifications:

Once you’ve submitted your application for the Security & Protection Schedule, GSA contracting representatives will carefully check it, and may then request additional paperwork or ask for further clarifications. This process can take several months, so submitting the perfect document package will ensure that this stage goes smoothly.

  • Price and T&Cs negotiations:

Once your document package has been reviewed and approved, you will begin negotiations of your contract’s T&Cs, prices, and discounts with a GSA contract officer. Negotiating the best price proposal for your Schedule 84 GSA contract takes real skill: low prices will make you a preferential vendor; but settling for too low a price will not be favorable for your business prospects. When this stage is complete, you will be awarded a GSA Security & Protection contract!

  • Post-award process:

Getting on the Federal Supply Schedule is just the beginning: you must now establish yourself in the government marketplace. There are plenty of tools to help you succeed: using GSA Advantage!, GSA eBuy, and GSA eLibrary Security & Protection Schedule holders can scope out their competitors, advertise their products and service catalogs to the GSA, and search for lucrative contracting opportunities. But it’s not all about sales; GSA’s requirements are equally as stringent in the post-award stage, and you must remain compliant if you want to extend your Schedule for another term.

Get help with your GSA Security & Protection contract

Our expert consultants at Price Reporter have over 15 years’ experience in helping businesses like yours to win and maintain a GSA Security & Protection Schedule. If you have questions about any of the stages of government contracting process, get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help!

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